Do nut butters contain dairy or butter?

As a general rule nut butters do not need to contain or be made with any form of dairy. All of our varieties of nut butter at Butter Nut of London are not only dairy free but vegan too.

A couple of reasons “butter” is used in the name of many nut spreads is because of similarities in consistency and use. Nut butters can be spread on fresh bread, toast, crackers, crumpets, pancakes and used in cooking and baking.

Many of our customers do like to eat our nut butters spread on toast on top of regular butter.

Some other nut butter brands may add dairy or animal products to their nut butters especially if they are making a chocolate variety. Always make sure to check the label.

For a melt in the mouth vegan chocolate nut butter try our divine Hazelnut & Cacao!

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